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It is the mission of Calvary Baptist Church to go make disciples and witness to the people of Wolfe City and the nations of the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Prepared to serve God and people.

Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Powered by the Holy Spirt.

"It's the love people have for God and members. The willingness to help others from our church and community. I just love the friendliness..."


"I love that we are a real church family. If ever you are in need, the help is always here."


"I love the caring and loving people and how we are always doing things to help the community."

"I love that CBC is a warm and welcoming body of Christ. Always moving foward for HIS glory..."


"We have always felt right at home at Calvary. We love the fellowship and sense of community!"


"I love the unity in diversity. I also love the forgiveness of the past and growing in the Lord"

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